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Evangelise. Innovate. Transform. Train. Hack. START.

The goal of a hackathon is to create a usable prototype that can be used to solve a defined set of problems that a company has defined. Hacking, designing, doing. All useful if the effort placed is going to start something new. 

The concept of a hackathon can be applied to bring people together, to generate and harvest new ideas. It can used in any business setting. It might be software code, but it could be music technology, food, agritech, clothing, dentistry, financial services, cycle tech – you name it.  But centrally, we place design centre stage as the core activity to help you create solutions. 


Innovate in 2 days
Launch disruptive services
Develop your team of intrapreneurs
Nurture team building


Discover solutions to tackle problems
Attract new talent
Evangelise developers and startups
Increase your brand awareness

For corporate innovators the internal hackathon is an excellent tool to bring together people from across the organisation – not just the techies – to explore new ideas or identify problems that could be addressed with the right mix of time, thinking and technology.

Likewise, you can combine your staff, with people from outside the organisation to mix up ideas, generate new perspectives and build solutions. An innovative way to train your people, whilst fostering collaboration.


Place design central.
Solve problems and create products.
Develop skills that transfer across the business.

Make every detail perfect and limit the number of details to perfect

We call it startupINNOVATION®

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