For Companies Seeking Funding

Investment Criteria. Due to the number of potential opportunities we come across we try to apply a criterion for possible investments:

– Seed and early stage companies with ideas that can scale outside of their domestic market.

– The underlying offering should be disruptive rather than incremental.

– USA market should be able to provide >50% of revenue opportunity.

We work with teams that are looking for more than just investment capital. Companies that can take advantage of the experience and domain expertise of our Angel network, not just funding.

Domain. We like to stick to the areas where we can offer the best services and obtain domain expertise for our clients. We acknowledge that many new innovative services and business ideas are combinations of several categories, the main investment areas include:

– Internet, Software as a Service, Social Media & Computing.

– Mobile and Wireless, Payments, Video, Software.

– Digital Entertainment, Music, Media, IPTV, Online Publishing.

– Clean Technology, Energy.

For Business Angels

Ireland and the UK are a hive of entrepreneurial activity. Now more than ever, truly innovative companies are emerging with big ideas to address a global market. Finding the right investors that can provide more than just capital is a difficult task. Increasingly entrepreneurs and seed stage companies are seeking angel investors who will not only consider early stage funding, but also invest their expertise and have the desire to share a vision. We work with business angels who can bring along strategic direction and insight to our clients management team.

We typically look for angels who will consider an active role with the company at an early stage, perhaps in a non-exec role or as an advisory board member. Investors who can assist in creating companies of potential scale and accelerated market growth. Partners who can see the risk and help realise the return. Combining the role of the business angel with the resources of Xcell Partners to obtain a robust valuation and a successful exit point via IPO or acquisition.

We work with each prospective company in a consultancy role before we introduce them to you. This enables us to perform its’ own due diligence and assessment from inside the company. As a result, our Angels are only introduced to qualified deals that meet your investment preferences. See how you can get involved and maximise growth for these companies and your portfolio.