Business Launchpad – Queen’s University of Belfast

We are pleased to announce that we have been selected to work with Invest Northern Ireland and Queen’s University Students Union to deliver the Business Launchpad programme in Queen’s University Belfast this autumn.

Business Launchpad is an innovative and challenging business accelerator programme for students of all disciplines. It will focus on product ideation, business planning and getting investor ready. There will a limited number of 50 places available.

If you are a student at Queen’s and have an interest in applying for a place on the programme, email You can follow the programme on twitter @LaunchpadQueens or take a look at the programme details and make an application at the website

Welcome to the LOFT

The LOFT is a unique shared working space for startups and creative individuals. Located in Newry we are conveniently placed midway between Belfast and Dublin, and have lots of local parking, excellent broadband and great company. We’re not just a place to sit and work. It’s an ecosystem, it’s a place where people can create.

The space is run by a team of start-up junkies and all round new business development buffs, with plenty of know-how and great business connections. If you would be interested in applying for a place in the LOFT call us at 028 4179 8123, email or follow us on twitter @9StColmans. Find us on Google Maps.


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A few years back, David Poulin (at RIH at that time), had

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Now you may say why to opt for online sites for buying pet

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