”Pyfrom’s nonprofit is a mobile learning center

L’Oreal Promotes Beauty as buy canada goose jacket cheap Multidimensional, Celebrates Charitable Women

EstellaPyfrom Washington Post Live Canada Goose Coats On Sale L’Oreal Paris is gearing up for its 7th annual Women of Worth (WOW) initiative, where it celebrates the many dimensions of canada goose clearance sale beauty by honoring women who give back to their communities. Out of thousands of submissions, the company chose ten women to receive a $10,000 donation to their charitable cause. From Tricia Baker, who works with her family to combat canada goose black friday sale negative perceptions around mental illness, to Kimberly Iverson’s Bucket canadian goose jacket List Foundation and its canada goose clearance focus on fulfilling the dreams of terminally ill seniors–all of the honorees reflect how the standard of beauty for women is multidimensional. It’s not often there’s a marketer that pushes a more dynamic view of women’s beauty, beyond just perfectly long hair, clear skin, and vibrant eyes.Estella Pyfrom, founder of Estella’s Brilliant Bus and WOW honoree, says she agrees with this. “Real beauty is from the heart and comes from within,” she says. “It’s not what you say, it’s what you do and genuine canada goose deals feeling comes from the inside out.” She adds that when you’re able to serve people and feel good about it – you glow. “What you do for people has to come from the heart, it has to cheap Canada Goose come from within.”Pyfrom’s nonprofit is a mobile learning center that travels to low-income neighborhoods and canada goose coats Title 1 schools to service underprivileged children and families. The 76-year old has received a lot of media attention since launching two years ago. After more than 40 years in education, Pyfrom used money from her pension to invest into the program.“The years of experience I had working in the Canada Goose Jackets school district, I knew there was a need to get more/provide more than what they could get at the schools,” Pyfrom said. “I wasn’t quite ready to leave the system but I knew it was time and wanted to continue to search and provide some service and help in some kind of way for children who did not have. So I figured out a way.”Following a long day of shooting videos for L’Oreal and news interviews, Pyfrom sat down with canada goose store EBONY to discuss her cause, her view of the current Canada Goose sale state of education, and the future of her work:EBONY: Take me through what inspired this idea and the steps you took to execute it.Estella Pyrfrom: I knew there was a need. The wealthier families, they could go home and they have other things–reading materials, encyclopedias, even before technology was popular. But some of the low-income families didn’t have it. I knew that many of those situations still existed.So I asked, how can I continue to provide some service that will be helpful to that population of people? I knew technology was popular. I decided maybe I could take some service into the neighborhood–technology. So, I got a piece of paper and Canada Goose online sketched out a floor plan and then my husband and I went to a bus specialty company and asked, “Look, does this sound like its impossible?” He sent the draft off to the factory and they scaled it down to a bus size that I wanted.EBONY: Was it well received when you first launched?EP: Believe it or not, as I talked to people Canada Goose Online about what I wanted to do, Canada Goose Parka they were looking at me like, “What is she talking about?” Because it was such a canadagooseoutletcanada big idea, we found that people really didn’t grasp it–I think that had a lot to canada goose do with why I decided to get something tangible. When you have big ideas-big dreams about something-people don’t believe it. They think you’re still dreaming. But then, I showed up with the bus.EBONY: Where do you see this going?EP: I know I’ve reached more than 20,000 but in 5 years, I see us having several buses (maybe 5 buses). Over a period of time, my vision is to have at least one Brilliant Bus in every city in canada goose coats on sale the U.S. and some in other parts of the world. Now that’s a big dream but we already started on it. There’s a group of people in New York working on some sponsors to get my team there by next summer. I got an email from the Canada Goose Outlet Asante Foundation; they want to replicate the project in Africa right now.EBONY: What is your perspective of the current state of public education? EP: Well there’s still a lot to be desired. A lot to do. A lot of failing schools. My mission this year is to focus on an area where the reading is not as good. One high school is Belle Glade Central. They produce a lot of professional football players, but the school rating in that area is kind of low. They probably have more professional players than any other school in the nation, but we want to do something about the education.EBONY: What do you believe causes children to lack access to educational resources in these neighborhoods? Is it parenting? Jobs? The school system?EP: A combination of all those things, I’m finding, contributing to the mindset. For example, you may take 10 poor families who have the same limited income–and some may have no income–but buy canada goose jacket you might find many different attitudes in that group of people. My father was poor but he’d make a canada goose replica sacrifice to get us a notebook even if he had to let something else go. Whereas some other families would say well I need to buy this and your notebook has to wait. Its not that this parent doesn’t care. A notebook for your children or a pair of shoes? Some parents will say you’ll wear those shoes a little longer, and I’ve seen this happen. You put a rubberband around if the sole is flapping but I’ll get you that pencil you need or that notebook. That other parent will say well that notebook has to wait bc I have to buy shoes. All of these things have to do with the mindset.To vote for Estella canada goose outlet Pyfrom or other WOW honorees, visit WomenOfWorth.com, click “like” on any Facebook post about your favorite Woman of Worth, or retweet a L’Oreal Paris tweet about the woman you support.Riley Wilson is a New York-based and Howard-educated writer and filmmaker. You can read more of his work on his site www.rileySwilson.com. Follow him on Twitter: @RileySW.

Business Launchpad – Queen’s University of Belfast

We are pleased to announce that we have been selected to work with Invest Northern Ireland and Queen’s University Students Union to deliver the Business Launchpad programme in Queen’s University Belfast this autumn.

Business Launchpad is an innovative and challenging business accelerator programme for students of all disciplines. It will focus on product ideation, business planning and getting investor ready. There will a limited number of 50 places available.

If you are a student at Queen’s and have an interest in applying for a place on the programme, email enterprisesu@qubsu.org. You can follow the programme on twitter @LaunchpadQueens or take a look at the programme details and make an application at the website www.queensbusinesslaunchpad.com.

Welcome to the LOFT

The LOFT is a unique shared working space for startups and creative individuals. Located in Newry we are conveniently placed midway between Belfast and Dublin, and have lots of local parking, excellent broadband and great company. We’re not just a place to sit and work. It’s an ecosystem, it’s a place where people can create.

The space is run by a team of start-up junkies and all round new business development buffs, with plenty of know-how and great business connections. If you would be interested in applying for a place in the LOFT call us at 028 4179 8123, email christina@xcellpartners.com or follow us on twitter @9StColmans. Find us on Google Maps.


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The sooner you get help, the more likely it can be reversible

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For the record, I’ve never believed any of this, and there’s

Why the Media is Lying on the State of Black Love

You know it. I know it, but one of the most influential, constantly accessible entities needs to be reminded.For every example of an authentic, strong, loving Black family portrayed in the media, canada goose outlet there are several louder, more consistent images of dysfunction. Turn on any television station, especially cable, and trust me, you’ll witness an abundance of programs that show you just Canada Goose sale how bad Canada Goose Outlet it is to be Black Canada Goose Online and in love.Sure there are canada goose clearance sale shows that portray White families in chaos. After all, dysfunction is a part of life. But we have comparatively few images still, so the abundance of negative imagery of our community creates a sickening cycle. All canada goose coats on sale Black men are not Stevie J. All Canada Goose Coats On Sale Black women are not desperate to the point where they will tolerate disrespect, lying, cheating and the fathering of several secret kids outside of their union.And it is most offensive because canada goose store it just isn’t most Black people’s reality.It doesn’t matter if they are successful canada goose coats or average, pretty or standard, loyal or basic, cheap Canada Goose the idea that Black women are just sitting buy canada goose jacket cheap around patiently waiting, buy canada goose jacket to “get chose” is disturbingly pervasive in pop culture. We all know this. The problem is that no one seems to spend time speaking up about it. canada goose clearance Or better yet, no one seems to be interested in changing the narrative.We all remember that much-maligned ABC report on why so many successful Black women were single. Not to mention the abundance of movies, self-help books and websites that reinforce the notion that Black women are canada goose deals either desperate for a relationship and/or are the last choice to be anyone’s lifelong partner.Black men aren’t exempt from unfair scrutiny either. The media often portrays them as hypersexual dogs that lack self-control. They’re reduced to simply being “free-spirited” and thirsty beings, eager to plant canada goose their seeds and mark their territory among several vulnerable, desperate, man-sharing women while shirking responsibility.For the record, I’ve never believed any of this, and there’s proof that these are merely stereotypes and harmful generalizations despite what we’re continuously being shown.According to a 2013 report released by NPR, The Robert Woods Johnson Foundation and Harvard University, when it comes to dating, Black men are looking for long-term, committed relationships more than Black women. Researchers theorize that financial concerns may be responsible for this trend.Another canada goose black friday sale study released in September by the Brookings Institution supports this claim, and even factors in the effects of mass incarceration on Black relationships.“The lack of marriageable men in the Black community is affected by the very high rates of incarceration and early death among Black men compared to white men,” the study states. “Among Black male high school dropouts, 60 percent will be dead or incarcerated canadian goose jacket before the age of 35.”What these two studies reveal is the grand impact of societal issues on Black love. Reducing our problems to men simply wanting to be promiscuous and women Canada Goose Parka being weak, vulnerable and undesirable Canada Goose online oversimplifies the truth and keeps us divided. We have to stop https://www.forcanadagoose.ru seeking validation from pop culture.No one is the enemy when it comes to Black men and women in the context of relationships. I challenge us to stop viewing each other as such simply because you’ve come across a few Canada Goose Jackets potential mates that are no good. If we can do that, then maybe, just maybe, we won’t need researchers to tell canada goose replica us what we already know about ourselves.