Not only on the Plough (Great Bear) but also on the entire

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Invest NI Propel Programme

We are pleased to announce that we have been re-appointed as the delivery agents for Invest Northern Ireland’s Propel Programme.

Propel is a one year enterprise development programme that takes people with a business idea on a journey to commercialisation; from prototype to product; to sales and new customers; seeking funding along the way to fuel export growth and local employment. At the end you will be able to stand and pitch for investment, present your business plan and do business internationally.

In the past three years over 30 new Northern Ireland based companies on the Propel programme have developed new markets, sought and gained over £3m investment and are already employing 50 people. Now we need more determined entrepreneurs to build on this success with three planned programmes to run between now and November 2015, with the first kicking off in February 2013 with an application date of 22nd January 2013.

Invest Northern Ireland is running a series of regional awareness seminars to launch the latest programme which will provide startups with high quality training, one to one mentoring, workshops, networking opportunities and financial support. The sessions will take place in the week commencing 10th December and will be held in Newry, Omagh, Derry/Londonderry, Ballymena and Belfast.

To find out more about the information sessions and book a place, click here.

Alternatively you can call 0870 4954841, email, visit the programme website or follow the Propel Programme twitter feed here.

Stick to dark neutral shades

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Their first priority should be a contract that year after year

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I am going to touch briefly upon the best approach to setting

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Furthermore, no riches will be on show amid the Hajj journeys,

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It has the option of a 25 minute or 60 minute workout

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“I cannot honestly say whether her ability is such that

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Replica Leather Belt Kaplan: Conclusion,” Red (James Spader) sets a dangerous plan in motion to save himself and the Task Force as Mr. Kaplan (Susan Blommaert) engages in the final phase of her assault on his criminal empire. ABC. “I didn’t and I still don’t see any reason why a young girl with ability couldn’t play high school soccer,” he told The Evening Sun in 1977. “I cannot honestly say whether her ability is such that, given the opportunity this year she’ll maker our team. But I guarantee she will be given the same chance as any boy to make it.”. Replica Leather Belt

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You went through shock and disbelief and now you are pissed! I

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Braiding in different styles can simply make you look

Once ingested, salmonella makes people ill in about 12 72 hours with symptoms of diarrhea, fever, and abdominal cramps. The symptoms last about 4 7 days and resolve on their own in most cases. However, the ill, young, elderly, and people with underlying health conditions often will seek medical treatment as they tend to become more ill with the disease.

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